Club History

The club was founded in 1993. Originally there was a single monthly meeting (in Sutton-in-Ashfield), this was soon increased at the request of the members to two meetings a month.

Many more formal clubs depend on demonstrations, talks and slideshows with occasional workshops. At Ashfield the emphasis is very much towards the informal and "hands on". Members regularly bring their own own material to meetings. The club caters for a wide range of experience in bonsai and welcomes new members. Advice is available from the more seasoned and creative members and we try to foster a relaxed, "family feel" with everyone having a say in the clubs affairs. Each year we invite one or two speakers of international fame to present to us, and we occasionally organise weekend workshops with well known bonsai personalties. Presently our meetings are held in the comfortable and spacious church hall at South Normanton and new members are always welcome.

In 2019 the club members will continue to exhibit at major exhibitions both at home and abroad, with trees enterred for the Swindon Winter Image show in February (where the club has also been invited to present a display stand), and at the Bonsai Expo in April.

Members will also be attending the Trophy Exhibition in Belgium in February, the Doncaster show in March and other shows throughout the year

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Simon Temblett visits Ashfield Bonsai Club

We were lucky to have Simon Temblett pay us a visit recently.
Members bought along trees for Simon to review and advise possible improvements and where required provide a drawing for the owner to work towards.

A very entertaining evening with an interesting and sometimes difficult selection of trees for Simon to work with.

Some of the trees brought along for Simon to review
More trees
Eeny, meeny, miney,
Nice little pine
Simon discusses Chris's English Yew
At work on a drawing for Chris to use as a reminder whilst developing the tree
Looking over Mark's Juniper
Several excellent drawings were provided for future reference
Paul's collected Hawthorn (Paul's Scarlett)
"Just like that"
Tony's contorted Juniper, this tree has been discussed many times at our club meetings and by visiting celebrities, Simon took it in his stride...eventually...and provided Tony with a drawing for reference

Mike's Rose
Paul's Korean Hornbeam
Peter's Hawthorn
Simon's drawing of a future design for the Hawthorn
John's Larch

"Last of the Summer Wine" anyone ?

Friday, 22 November 2013

Auction night November 2013

Another year has nearly passed as we gathered again in feverish anticipation of the yearly auction.

Unfortunately not as good a turn out as previous years but all the same another fun evening.

Here are some pictures of the usual suspects and auction trees.
There are also pictures of 4 trees from the annual competition held at the same time as the auction, these are all trees that were purchased from previous auctions, we feel it's a good way to show how even the humblest trees can turn into presentable bonsai, given time and proper training.

Looks like Mike's wife had been talking to Tony's wife, hands tied behind back !
A cracking Cedar with movement, taper, no visual graft point, and nicely ageing bark. Unfortunately this tree didn't reach its reserve of 350....pence
Nice mugo pine, I feel a cascade coming on
Tombsy struggling to spell leyllandi (spelling ?) for tree 1

Mr Pitt in his black leather gloves...kinky or what
Quince, white pine & juniper
Doddsy models a squamata juniper
Said Squamata, in fact 2 Squamata lovely starter material
Monty Python paid us a visit
Another lovely Cedar
Geoff checking whether anyone can see him giving Paul a wafty crank !
A bizarre bunch by all accounts !

And finally the competition trees

Mark's Lonicera
 Paul's Picea
Mike's Hawthorn, cracking little tree
John's Cotoneaster showing lovely autumn colour, pesky birds had the berries !

Friday, 20 September 2013

Ashfield's annual Competition

Yesterday saw us gathering for the annual club competition.
There was a fantastic range of species on display and as usual very well presented.

Apologies for the crap backgrounds and poor lighting.

The Shohin size trees

Pauls Cotonester
Caz's Cotoneaster
Marks Heather
Johns Chinese Elm

Winner of the Shohin section
Petes Juniper

The Large trees

Tonys white pine
Mikes Azalea
Pauls English Oak
Johns Ezo Spruce

Winner of the Large trees section

Winner of Best in Show
Julies Japanese Maple
Peters Juniper

The Chuhin size trees

Caz's Larch
Johns Trident Maple
Peters Japanese Maple

Winner of the Chuhin section
Chris's Trident Maple on rock
Pauls Korean Hornbeam

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ashfield Bonsai Club display at the Greenwood Bonsai Bash

We were up bright and early this morning to set up our club display at the Greenwood Bonsai Studio.
Corin & Paul Tomlnson had kindly offered our club some space to put on a display at their annual "Bonsai Bash", always a very good weekend for bonsai enthusiasts.

Anyhoo enough of the babbling here are a few picture of the trees we displayed.

John's Ezo Spruce on rock
Peter's Juniper
Mike's Azalea with Caz's Larch (with Babybel accent)
Julie's Maple with Paul's Heather
John's Cotoneaster and Chinese Elm
Derek's English Yew with Paul's Chinese Elm
Mark's Heather
Caz's Larch
Paul's Chinese Elm
Accent plant in Erin pot
Berries on John's Cotoneaster
Accent plant in Walsall Ceramics pot
Accent plant in John Pitt pot