Club History

The club was founded in 1993. Originally there was a single monthly meeting (in Sutton-in-Ashfield), this was soon increased at the request of the members to two meetings a month.

Many more formal clubs depend on demonstrations, talks and slideshows with occasional workshops. At Ashfield the emphasis is very much towards the informal and "hands on". Members regularly bring their own own material to meetings. The club caters for a wide range of experience in bonsai and welcomes new members. Advice is available from the more seasoned and creative members and we try to foster a relaxed, "family feel" with everyone having a say in the clubs affairs. Each year we invite one or two speakers of international fame to present to us, and we occasionally organise weekend workshops with well known bonsai personalties. Presently our meetings are held in the comfortable and spacious church hall at South Normanton and new members are always welcome.

In 2019 the club members will continue to exhibit at major exhibitions both at home and abroad, with trees enterred for the Swindon Winter Image show in February (where the club has also been invited to present a display stand), and at the Bonsai Expo in April.

Members will also be attending the Trophy Exhibition in Belgium in February, the Doncaster show in March and other shows throughout the year

Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas & welcome to our new follower.

Ashfield Bonsai Club members would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy & prosperous New Year.

Thanks for joining us Simon, we hope you enjoy reading the blog.

Quite a few of us are going to the Noelanders trophy towards the end of January so keep watching this space for pictures of the event and of members trees on show at the trophy.

Happy holidays

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Welcome to our new member.

A warm welcome to our new follower Kristian.

Hi Kristian, nice to see you here, we hope you enjoy the blog.

Noelanders 2012 Show

Great news for the club.

3 members of Ashfield Bonsai Club have had confirmation that trees have been accepted for the Noelanders 2012 Show.

John Pitt, Mike Rose and myself will all be showing trees at the show.

Watch this space for photographs a plenty.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

ABC auction & competition for trees purchased from previous auctions

It was auction night, the most eagerly awaited night of the year.
Also this year we decided to hold a competition for trees purchased at previous auctions.

Here are a few pictures from the evening;

Philip Anthony awards the cup (sponsored by Philip) to Pete for his winning tree a Juniper Procumbens (shown below)
 Pete's winning Juniper Procumbens
 John's 2nd placed Juniper Procumbens
 Mike's 3rd place Trident forest planting
 Chris's Larch
 Chris's root over rock field maple
 Tony's hawthorn
 Derek's escallonia


Mr Pitt braved the crowds this year and stepped in as auctioneer for the first half of the evening as I'd been to the dentist and was having trouble keeping my chin dry...
 A lovely planting of 3 chinese elms
 Cotoneasters, hawthorn and english yew
Tony scans the sales'll notice that his wife had tied his arms behind his back so that he couldn't make any bids....
 Large white pine, 3 pines in a plastic tub, small acer and an escallonia
 Crab apple with lovely coloured fruits

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Welcome to our latest 3 followers.

A warm welcome to Will, Sandor & Pedro.
Thanks for joining us guys, we hope you enjoy the blog.

Monday, 7 November 2011

It's been a long time

Sorry it's been so long since our last post.
Here are a few pictures taken at our last club night.

Crazy Chris Dodds takes out his rage on an unsuspecting rock planting of larch on tufa

Mr Pitt and Mr Hill discuss the complexities of the world economic crisis and Derek's juniper
 Peter Tombs lovely juniper, recently worked on with Pete Warren
Mike Rose works on his pine group, Dave Shore snorts recreational drugs from Mikes shirt
Paul Warder's english oak...what a crap tree....mine died over the winter....I'm not bitter
 John's juniper rigida
 Deadwood detail to the rear of the rigida

John's hinoki, recently purchased from crazy Cris Dodds

Paul Warder's lovely mulberry

Vere works on his english elm, field grown from a cutting for 10 years, lovely bark texture.

In an effort to assist with getting the UK economy back on track, ABC are having their yearly auction on Thursday 17th November.
There will also be a competion for trees purchased at previous auctions, which will be voted on by club members.
New members or visitors are welcome to attend the auction, however we will not let you buy the good stuff....what good stuff I hear all the members shout !!
It's a great night not to be missed.......bring your wads of cash.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

I forgot Tonys white pine !!

 Tony's white pine
The 3 category winners.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Welcome to our new follower

Hi Rodrigo, thanks for joining us, hope you enjoy the blog


2011 annual club show

Another great turn out for this years show, the voting in the 3 size catagories was very close, a testament to the improving quality of members trees.

Here are pics of all the trees displayed.

 Chris's trident maple
 Mikes rigida juniper
 Petes juniper

 Johns potentilla
 Johns juniper kishu
 Mikes box
 Philips ficus
Teds juniper, winner of the shohin category
 Tonys hornbeam
 Johns larch, winner of the chuhin category
 Dereks chinese elm
 Petes larch group
 Mikes box
 Mikes amur maple
 Petes raft azalea
 Chris's cedar
 Petes common juniper
 Johns maple clump
 Teds rigida juniper
 Mikes scots pine, winner of the large category and BEST IN SHOW
 Petes maple
 Mikes hemlock
 Mike Rose accepting the shield for best in show from Derek Hill
Mikes fantastic scots pine with the Best in Show shield