Club History

The club was founded in 1993. Originally there was a single monthly meeting (in Sutton-in-Ashfield), this was soon increased at the request of the members to two meetings a month.

Many more formal clubs depend on demonstrations, talks and slideshows with occasional workshops. At Ashfield the emphasis is very much towards the informal and "hands on". Members regularly bring their own own material to meetings. The club caters for a wide range of experience in bonsai and welcomes new members. Advice is available from the more seasoned and creative members and we try to foster a relaxed, "family feel" with everyone having a say in the clubs affairs. Each year we invite one or two speakers of international fame to present to us, and we occasionally organise weekend workshops with well known bonsai personalties. Presently our meetings are held in the comfortable and spacious church hall at South Normanton and new members are always welcome.

In 2019 the club members will continue to exhibit at major exhibitions both at home and abroad, with trees enterred for the Swindon Winter Image show in February (where the club has also been invited to present a display stand), and at the Bonsai Expo in April.

Members will also be attending the Trophy Exhibition in Belgium in February, the Doncaster show in March and other shows throughout the year

Monday, 8 April 2019


Members of Ashfield Bonsai Club had trees in the excellent Bonsai Expo near Heathrow on Sunday 7th April.

JP's beautiful Oak, note the scroll with a water setting, and the accent pot shaped like a boat to make the images all work together. all pots by JP himself (of course!)

PT's lovely olive, look at the detail in the accents. Olive pot by JP.

PT's powerful Larch, accent and juniper. Larch pot by JP

CD's lovely Cedar, 20 years maturity from a workshop on a garden plant. Chris also made the table and the contoured accent stand.

JB's beautiful  chaenomeles 3 part display, flowers peaking on the day of the show. great work

PW's beautiful "no show" show tree, selected for Noelanders a couple of years back, but Paul was busy washing his hair that weekend. Now earnt its spot in Bonsai Expo, a great tree. Scroll painted by Paul, the accent stand table made by Pauls brother. a talented family.

RH's lovely Blackthorn, the accent (loaned by JP, adapted by Ramon) won best accent at the show.

My Black Pine. Runner up in the best conifer category. Scroll by the late Paul Goff, accent pot by JP. I moved the tree from a generic Tokoname pot to this lovely Yamaaki pot a couple of weeks ago. The tree looked very happy after the move so we went to the show, and very chuffed to come second to an amazing Yew and against some great competition.   


Due to other bookings the Church Hall is not available on 18th April 19, or 2nd May 19.

Club open evenings will instead be held at:
  • 18th April - Derek Hill, Belper. club members to text 07518 162567 for address
  • 2nd May - Mike Rose, Derby. club members to text 07968 951515 for address

Friday, 8 March 2019


Last night saw the first of our March meetings, the usual format of enthusiasts working on trees and taking advice and opinion from others. What was notable for me was the quality of trees being worked on, JB's Chojubai being one of the best.

Note the exhibition quality of the moss and which makes the average Nebari (according to JB) look terrific.

Monday, 25 February 2019


a good turnout for the long and very foggy drive to Swindon on sunday, for their terrific winter image show, a good number of quality trees on display as usual.

This was our club display:

Also congrats to our JP who pretty much cleaned up with awards for: best conifer, best tree and pot combination, best accent, and best overall individual display. An amazing japanese maple won best deciduous, but his elm (see the post before this one) must have been a very close second. Well done pal.

Also appreciation to JB who was one of the judges, and last seen in the car park eating hob nobs....


club night on Thursday 19th Feb was the usual workshop, but also our club winter image show.

First was John Pitts amazing chinese elm, in a pot he made for it:

Second was Pauls mulberry:

and third was my Deshojo, in a Reihou pot:

the eagle eyed among you will spot these photos are actually from our entries at the Swindon winter image show yesterday, (we forgot to take photos on thursday - our photographer was busy taking pictures of a bike rack...) But the strong club turnout and trees displayed at the Swindon show does show the depth of quality trees in the Ashfield club. 

Monday, 11 February 2019


Club Trip this weekend to the "Best of 20 Years of the Trophy" in Genk Belgium and we were all stunned by the high quality trees on display. No dodgy entries or charity cases this time, every tree on display was of the very highest standard.

Saturday afternoon found us in the demonstation hall and for me the highlight of the whole weekend: Ryan Niel flipped a juniper 135 degrees, converting a semi cascade into an upright for best use of the deadwood and amazing movement in the trunk. you can tell the original orientation by the pot angle.

Ryan went on to repot the tree on sunday to complete a stunning demonstration.

Congrats also to our John Pitt for having his Blackthorn accepted for the show.